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Unlike in past clashes between protesters and police, Friday's turmoil took an even darker turn when residents and possibly police in civilian clothing engaged in the violence. Uniformed police were nowhere to be seen as residents fired at one another on a bridge that crosses over Zamalek in Cairo, an upscale island neighborhood where many foreigners and ambassadors reside.
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Others calculate the human mutation rate in other ways, including dating from the time humans and chimpanzees branched away from each other and simply checking the mutation rate between modern parents and their children. Every researcher, of course, argues the way he or she has chosen is best; we won't get into that. "The diversity of views and results is healthy," Tyler-Smith says. "It's a really exciting time in the field."

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In Washington, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio., and House Majority leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., both described themselves as being disappointed by the decision.ツIn a statement, Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas said:
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Near her sat her husband as well as several other people caught with weed on federal land, including a 21-year-old man who was accused of having 0.1 grams during a traffic stop on a highway that skirts Mount Rainier National Park.
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"We must not go back to the failed Labour idea for a third runway at Heathrow", he said adding there was need to build hub airports with four runways as expanding Heathrow will "wreck the quality of life for millions of Londoners" and constrain growth.

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